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Join our team of Medical Professionals in locations such as Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and more!

Click here to check out our available opportunities internationally and domestically!

We are fostering a culture that empowers our employees to provide world class care, and we align ourselves with seasoned healthcare professionals delivering quality health care all over the world.

  • Competitive Wages
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • 401K Plans
  • Paid Time Off
  • 100% Premium paid Medical Insurance for OCONUS Employees
  • Continuing Education Reimbursement
  • Life & Disability Insurance for CONUS Employees
  • Health & Wellness Program for CONUS Employees

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Office: 812-770-4480
Fax: 812-385-8312
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Recruiting Department

Lauren Johnson, ECRE, PRC, CDR, CSSR, CIR
Recruitment Supervisor

Recruiter Information

Ashley Johnson
Recruitment Specialist

"Onsite allows me to maintain a great work / life balance. I thoroughly enjoy the culture, and our management always make themselves available for questions and insight. Overall, my team makes my job fun!"
-Arun Prasath
"Onsite OHS is by far the best company I have worked for since retiring from the Air Force.  The company feels like a family and treats all its employees with respect and dignity.  They are incredibly responsive to its employees needs and I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to work in the health care field.  Come join our family!"
-Joe Kraut
"We have great people working with us that look out for us when we need anything. What I like most about this Company is that they will promote from within first. That's what makes this a great place to work for."
-Monika Richards
" is a great moral booster to know the company you work for cares for you as an individual. I hope to be a part of the Onsite OHS family for a very long time. So far it has been a great pleasure and learning experience."
-Emma Pedrosa
"When Onsite says they believe in promoting from within, that is exactly what they do. Nowhere have I worked where you know for sure that people listen to what you are saying and that even the owners are listening and truly care."
-Edward Cutter
"I could not have imagined just how good of an opportunity I was walking into. My job here has groomed me both personally and professionally. It has made me realize the potential I have to grow and provided the opportunities to do so."
-Arun Prasath
"There is no other place that I have worked or that I know that thinks of their employees the way that Onsite OHS does. It means a great deal for all the personnel out in the field to know that they are thought of by more than just their families. Onsite OHS is truly a great place to work!!!!"
-Rodney Stanford, Senior Medic
"Working for Onsite OHS is a pleasure and breath of fresh air in the ever changing healthcare industry. We hire skilled workers based on their character which as we all know Attitude reflects Leadership and with that being said Onsite OHS is and will continue to be the leaders in healthcare."
-Angela Burkey
"My entire hiring process, deployment process, and even the time throughout my career with Onsite OHS Inc. has been an amazing experience. Onsite truly makes you feel like you are a part of the family."
-Edward Cutter
"The morning commute of the same faces and the daily smiles remind me why I am here.  It's the simple life in the midst of war..."
-Karen Brown
"Upon my arrival, I was met by fellow OHS employees who immediately shook my hand and introduced to me all the other employees on site. This is more of a family as anytime you arrive at an OHS Clinic, you are greeted with a hand shake and a hug. I don't know of any other company where you are asked by the Owner if you need anything and if everything is going okay. You are taken care of as a family member with OHS."
-Rodney Stanford
"While working for Onsite OHS in Afghanistan by providing clinical medical care in austere conditions, I feel appreciated and am thanked daily by those we are here to help and support."
-Paul Scott
"I am proud to be in Afghanistan working with such a groundbreaking company like Onsite OHS."
-Jamie Hubbard
"It is very motivating to join a company early in its growth process, and I thoroughly enjoy working with my team members in such a collaborative atmosphere."
-Arun Prasath
"They are the most welcoming people I have ever worked for. They feel more like family than employers. They check on us to see if we need anything for the project we were hired for. They also ask how we are doing personally; this is very different from any company I have worked for."
-Emma Pedrosa
"During the past 18 months I have been part of the phenomenal growth of Onsite OHS. Like others I have had the opportunity to advance as the company has grown. The company values its employees and knows they are a contributing factor to its growth; providing incentives and bonuses helps ensure a motivated team environment. That team spirit is reflected by the fact that no matter what role you play, from physician to administrative assistant or from paramedic to lab/x-ray technician, everyone's daily contribution is recognized and appreciated."
-Steve Bright
"Each day, I look forward to the camaraderie and friendly competition we develop on the collections floor. We frequently share our best practices and concentrate on expanding our combined knowledge base. I value working with our customers and am thankful for the strong, supportive relationship I have been able to develop with my managers."
-Arun Prasath
"I expected to make friends, but I was ill prepared for the bonds I found myself having with others here... The company's dedication to me gives me the strength to continue to serve my little part in the mission at hand. This experience truly has changed my life for the better, in ways I never could have imagined."
-LaDona Lara
"Recently one of our leading medics was informed that he had lost a family member unexpectedly. He was understandably very upset, we were all so sorry to see one of our staff members who was so distraught. Within minutes everyone went into action. We had a plane ticket home, arranged his duties. The corporate office was especially helpful. The next morning as he was saying farewell prior to boarding the plane, he pulled me aside and said; 'You talk about us like we are one large OHS family, now I know it exists.'"
-Larry Sharp
"I started as a Fire Medic working at an outlying FOB over a year ago. Since then, I have been given the opportunity to switch over to the clinic side and I have been promoted to the Lead Medic position at one of our HUBs. OHS' commitment to hiring from within gives current employees a tremendous opportunity for upward mobility if they so choose."
-Robert Sluman
"Everyone is amazing; from the start it is the smoothest process I have ever experienced in a company. This is coupled with the extraordinary personalities and caring attitudes that the staff shows me. I know I have found the company I want to grow and retire with."
-Edward Cutter
"My time so far with OHS has been an amazing challenge. I look forward to the growth of OHS and hope that I can contribute to that by any means possible. The sky is the limit!"
-Lucien Gendron


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