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New Orleans, LA

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Fluor Government Group

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Onsite OHS Chosen for the Camp...
San Diego, CA

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In developing countries and areas of limited healthcare access, Onsite OHS is on the front lines providing, in some cases, the only form of healthcare available. 

At the core of Onsite OHS is a mission to provide exemplary medical and medical support services on both a national and international level. This focus and dedication translates into Onsite OHS being able to deliver medical solutions serving a wide range of industries here at home or around the globe.

Our reputation is built on providing the highest possible quality services and personnel in support of our clients – public and private sector employers. We operate more than 50 medical clinics worldwide and serve more than 300,000 patients annually.

One of our strengths as a private healthcare contractor is our ability to create a unique plan to fit any healthcare need at any location anywhere in the world. We offer a broad range programs backed by a corporate management team with nearly a century of combined healthcare experience.

Global Capabilities Brochure

Global Capabilities

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Construction Brochure

Construction Division

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Offshore Drilling Brochure

Offshore Drilling

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Pre-Employment Testing Brochure

Pre-Employment Testing Program

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Primary Care Clinic Brochure

Primary Care Clinic

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Remote OnSite Medical Services

Remote OnSite Medical Services

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